Our MERC Camp
What a fantastic camp we had at MERC in Week 5!  Thanks to My Oldham's meticulous planning, the amazing weather, our very supportive parents, highly skilled MERC instructors and a great group of Year 6 students, we all had the time of our lives. 
It was a jam packed and action filled three days, as we worked our way through each day's activities. We challenged ourselves, supported each other and made new friends.
A huge thank you to our fantastic parent helpers who came to help. We are sure you had as much fun as us. 
Enjoy the selection of photos below to tell our story.

Welcome Back to Term Four!
The final term is here and promises to be another busy one. It is always an exciting term, when all that we have learnt throughout the year comes together. The students in Room 19 are well and truly on their way to becoming independent and self regulated learners. They can clearly articulate what they are learning, their next steps and how they will achieve these.

Our Inquiry focus is how to become a digital entrepreneur. We will be investigating how people use advertising and why it is important for the survival of products and services. We will also be looking at the techniques used in advertisements to gain people's attention. The students' final outcome is to create an advertisement to promote an activity at Marina View School's Family Fun Night.

In Writing, we will begin by writing narratives that tell a story and entertain our reader. We will follow up with Persuasive Writing, to persuade the reader to take a particular course of action or buy…
End of Term 3 Round Up

Eeek - where has this term gone? It is both scary and positive to think we have nearly completed three terms of learning for 2018. As Year 6 students we have come so far, in  both academic progress and the development of our Key Competencies. It is an exciting time of the year, when we independently apply the skills and strategies we have learnt, to our learning. The photos below will give you a glimpse into what Room 19 has been up to.

Room 19 has been very lucky to work with Mrs Jackson and Room 20 on our Visual Art this term. Have a look at our Britomart Art, based on wonderful places we could go to, when you visit our classroom. Also look out for information on how to order our 2019 calendars, based on the style of Heather Galler. The finished pieces of art are stunning and very eye catching. They would make perfect Christmas gifts.

As part of our Algebra focus, we created patterns using Algebraic patterns and formulas. Even though they were based on Maths, the…
Welcome to Term Three
Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you managed to have a break over the holidays, even if it was just a change in routine with no school lunches to make or having to be out the door by 8.30 each morning. It is hard to believe we are now moving into the second half of 2018. Again, we have a busy term of learning and fun lined up!
Our Term 3 Inquiry topic focuses on our culture and heritage, looking at where each of us comes from and what it means to be part of a diverse range of cultures. A marae visit is being planned, as part of this.
We will be presenting a speech to our class, in the hope of making the Year 6 Speech Finals. To help prepare, we will be learning about Persuasive Writing, and the structure and language features that are needed to convince our audience to agree with us.  Our Reading will also continue this theme, by analysing persuasive texts to reflect on the impact of environmental issues and recognising actions we can take, to make our world a better …
Kitchen Chemistry
Our Term 2 Inquiry focus was Kitchen Chemistry. After learning about the Scientific Process, either individually or with a buddy, we needed to conduct an experiment using ingredients you would find in the kitchen. Our experiment needed to relate to the world we live in and had to show what happened when the variables were changed. We needed to record the aim, hypothesis, equipment, results and conclusion, along with photos or related images.  The class chose a great range of topics to investigate, from why bread goes mouldy to what happens when you step into quicksand. Here are some examples of our completed Science boards.

Measurement and Dream Gardens
As part of our Measurement focus in Maths, we were given the task of designing our own dream gardens. We could choose from a budget of $40,000 or $45,000 to select a range of suitable garden features. We needed to show how we calculated the perimeter and area of our garden, and the volume of any 3d areas, such as a swimming pool or garden bed. We also had to try to use as much of the budget as possible, without overspending. Here are some of our end results. We certainly had a lot of fun dreaming up our extravagant gardens!

To celebrate and learn about Matariki, the Maori New Year, we engaged in a range of  activities. We learnt that Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter and indicates the start of a new year. Translated, Matariki means the 'Eyes of God' (Mata ariki) or 'Little Eyes' (Mata riki). 
We discovered the significance of Matariki in the past and how it is celebrated today. From our rich Reading tasks, art related activities, writing an information report and decorating stars to add to our school environment, by the end of the term, we certainly had gained a deeper understanding.